Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Beaded Paisley

I have been working on a new interpretation of one of my paisleys.  Working on lilac satin, I used knotted thread which I couched for the outlines.  I tried to double-knot, that is, tie one knot on top of the other to make a larger knot, along the thread but could not always tee-up the knots so some are only singles.  This thread is a full 6-strand DMC embroidery cotton thread in pink.  I couched with a darkish mauve, single strand.  Then I infilled the centre with a variety of sequins to give a good pattern effect.  I echoed one of the sequins by adding five of the same to another area, then a leader sequin at the beginning of the outline at the top.
Beaded Paisley with couched outline ©Christine Linton
While I was looking online for some like-minded paisley fans, I found this page, which is quite a different style to mine above, but lovely and interesting in its own right.

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