Sunday, September 18, 2011

Birds - Archaeopterix, and bird photos too

If you go to
you will find a great site with bird photos, and you can join a Google group where Ian Montgomery (from Queensland) will send a free Bird of the Week photo to your email.  This site was recommended to me by the Collections Manager, Ben McHenry, at the Science Centre of the South Australian Museum.  I went there this week to see the Archaeopteryx fossil cast - actually they have three, of two specimens - because of the research I have been doing for my college project.  Ben was very helpful, pointing out that as a member of the public, the Museum and the specimens are mine (and everyone else's!) because our money pays for them; so they are happy to show specimens not currently on display, such as "Archie" as I have taken to calling him.  He explained that all the specimens ever found (I think it is eight) have been found in one quarry in Bavaria.

This is my own photo of a New Holland Honeyeater on the Grevillea in my back garden.  The shrub was a Mothers Day present from my daughter a couple of years ago and has grown amazingly well.  The Honeyeaters love to take the nectar from the flowers.  Tibs the Cat gets scolded by them if she goes out when they are wanting to feed.  Lying about under the Grevillea is her favourite spot.

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