Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Knitted scarf - oh so cuddly!

I have taken up knitting again, now that the weather is cooling at last here in Adelaide, and I found several balls of one of those variable width wools in Lincraft, one of the big suppliers.I couldn't get more than half a dozen balls of it, and none in any other store, so I decided to knit a scarf rather than leave it in my Stash drawer.  It is basically stocking stitch with several rows of garter stitch at each end and, of course, a nice long fringe.  If you would like the pattern you can go to my web site at www.christinelinton.com.au and on the Extras page there is a link to the pattern.  You can print it straight off. I am working on how to do PDF documents - my son Brian has downloaded the program for me and it doesn't look too hard, so my intention is that my next free pattern will be a PDF.  Thanks Brian for all your help with the website - and for showing me how to edit it myself, which I very much wanted to know about.

All of the links on the website have been mended, so you can get to the full-size pix from the thumbnails.  The order form comes up too, and can be printed off, though I have posted a suggestion to email me if you cannot get to it.  I've put 2 new patterns on there as well, my crazy patchwork sewing machine cover, and my doll patterns.

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