Friday, July 24, 2009

This is a photo of the Crazy Patchwork Bookmark that I made recently. It was really easy and was inspired - wait for it - by the card inserts in a box of teabags. They are the right size for a bookmark, but being Christine, I had to "make something" so, as I do love the look of crazy patchwork, I decided this would be an ideal quick project. I will have the pattern available for free once I get my website open - still working on that, lots of typing of patterns.

A tip for those who do lots of patchwork piecing. When you have to cut lots of small squares and triangles for one of those intricate designs, you can avoid enormous confusion at the sewing machine by separating each type, e.g. 2" triangles, into different Glad snap-lock bags, with a brief note to tell you what the size is. Takes the nightmare into a good dream.

I had a long gap between posts because I couldn't get on the internet - traffic jams I suppose!

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