Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hi to everyone, this is my second blog (not counting twitter). My blog is going to be all about textile crafts, this is my favourite subject.

One of my favourite pieces of embroidery at the moment is two Gouldian Finches and a Ulysses Butterfly, I designed this and used Madeira silk thread. It is all set to go on my new website which I am in the process of creating. I show you here a pic of the butterfly.

I recently discovered a great product called Gutermann Sulky; it's not new except to me, it is water soluble. If you draw your embroidery or quilting design on the rough side, pin it on your fabric, sew along the lines - so easy, it just rinses away in water. Use a water soluble marker; I made the mistake of using a felt tip pen, which worked, but left marks on the fabric. I ended up machining extra lines to cover them so all challenges can be solved. is the shortened URL for my other blog, which is called

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