Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Birds and embroidery

 This is a pic I drew of an owl to embroider.  So far I have done some of the feathers on the wing - it is brown (being a Boobook Owl, Australian) and I am working in cottons not silks and I have tried twice and can't keep up the interest!  If anyone wants to use this drawing and work it themselves, they are welcome - I doubt I'm going to finish it.  If anyone does copy it off, print it and enlarge it and work the design, I'd love to see the result, you can send a photo to my website email at and I will publish it there.  For more bird embroidery patterns, my website address is

If you go to the website below, you will find some interesting information on birds and birdwatching generally.  This is the British site.

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