Saturday, January 16, 2010

Crochet scarf

Welcome back to Craft Conversations and a happy new year.  I have been having a break from posts but am now raring to go again.  Above you can see my latest creation, a crochet scarf.  I almost broke my own rule and followed a pattern, but did change it to the degree of using a much thicker yarn (Moda Vera Mousse, from Spotlight) which is 70% wool and 30% soya (!!!), thicker than 8ply and soft as anything.  Also it was in the "specials" basket so it didn't cost much.  It crocheted up beautifully with a 7mm hook.  The pattern is from a great new book on freeform crochet called "Freeform Style" by Jonelle Raffino and Prudence Mapstone, 2009.  This book will get you experimenting with your crochet hook and any old yarn you have.  Look it up in your bookshop or public library.  Note that being Canadian, like American crochet patterns, the terms are different to UK/Australian terms, mainly that their (American) single crochet is our (UK/Aus) double, and their double is our treble, and so on - make yourself a note about that if using an American pattern and you are used to UK/Australian patterns.  And in reverse of course if you are American!

I made this before our heatwave (in South Australia) kicked in.  Woolcrafts are no fun when it's too hot to do anything.

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